View a Task and Form Report

Once a form or task has been assigned to a project, you can view a brief report on the Field View web application.

By default, the report is organized by location. Each location has a web page and will display a plan drawing for that location, as well as a grid of information with a line for each task or form. Each line contains the task or form's reference, description, created date, due date, type, workflow status, issued-to package, issued-to organization, issued-by organization, and images.
Fastpath: Forms > View Tasks/Form Report
  1. Confirm that the correct business unit is selected in the Current Business Is field, and that the correct project is selected in the Current Project Is field.
  2. Point to the Forms tab, and then click View Tasks/Form Report.
  3. In View Forms/Tasks Report screen, in the Location field, do one of the following:
    • Accept the default project.
    • Click to open the Location Picker window, expand locations as needed, and select a location. Click Apply.
  4. In the search results, right-click the form whose report you want to view and select View Form Report.
  5. In the Form Report screen, in the Display area, select check boxes as appropriate:
    • Show Actions
    • Show Status Audit Train
    • Show Answered By
    • Show Attached Images
    • Show Attached Comments
    • Show Attached Documents
  6. In the Print Options section, select which areas of the form to include:
    • Entire Form
    • Groups– If you select this option, then also select a question table group in the list.
  7. If you selected the Show Attached Images check box in step 5, in the Image Size list, select a size. If you did not select the check box, you can ignore the size.
  8. Click View Report.
  9. In the Do you want... window, click Open to view the report or Save to save it.