Set "Vista Workflow" Permissions in Field View

Once you convert UD forms and/or UD lookups from Team, Field View automatically creates a new workflow template called "Vista Workflow." Set the necessary permissions for this workflow template to begin using the imported form templates or predefined answers.

  1. In Field View Classic, confirm that the correct business unit is selected in the Current Business Is field.
  2. Select Business Setup > Standards And Templates > Workflow Templates.
  3. In the Workflow Templates pane, locate the Vista Workflow template.
  4. In the Right Set column, click the red icon for the Vista Workflow template (if permissions have not been set). To edit existing permissions, click the green icon .
    The Workflow Template Roles dialog appears.
  5. To see which permissions a role has already, in the System Roles pane of the Workflow Template Roles window, expand a role so that all statuses display, and then expand each right under a status so that all work items display.
  6. To assign permissions to a role:
    1. In the Workflow Template Rights pane of the Workflow Template Roles window, expand the workflow and its statuses. Select the check boxes for the work items for which you want to grant workflow permission.
    2. In the Systems Role pane, select the role(s) to which you want to assign the permission.
    3. Click the right arrow.
  7. Click Close.
The workflow template permissions are set.
Note: You may choose to use a different workflow template for your imported forms and predefined answers. If so, make sure to set the necessary permissions for that workflow.