Add an Imported Predefined Answer Group to a Form Question

In Field View Classic, add an imported predefined answer group to a question on a form using the form designer.

Note: You cannot use form designer to modify Vista Imported forms.
Before adding predefined answers to a form:
  • Make sure you have already created a form template in the appropriate business unit, and that the template has not been assigned to a project.
  • Confirm that the correct business unit is selected in the Current Business Is field, and that no project is selected in the Current Project Is field.
  1. Select Business Setup > Standards And Templates > Business Form Templates > Configure Form Templates.
  2. In the row for the template to which you want to add questions, click Design.
  3. On the Form Designer window, click Insert Group where you want to add the group.
    Enter text in the group fields as needed. For details, see Add a Question to a Form Template in the online help.
  4. Within the new group, click Insert Question. The Insert Question window opens.
    Enter text in the Question Title and Question Advice fields as needed.
  5. In the Question Type field, select Predefined Answer.
    The Select Predefined drop-down menu appears.
  6. Select the imported predefined answer group.

  7. Configure the additional question fields as needed. For details, see Add a Question to a Form Template in the online help.
Once you have completed updates to the form, you can assign the form to a project as described in Assign a Vista Imported Form Template to a Project, and then add the form to the project (for details, see Add a Form to a Project in the online help). Once the form is added to a project, open the form and verify that the imported predefined answer group appears.

Once you've updated a Vista imported form in Field View, in order to send the updates back to Vista so that the corresponding user defined form is updated in Vista, you must change the form status (or, in Classic View, the workflow status) to Closed.

For details on changing the status of a form in Field View, see Change the Status of a Form. For the Classic Field View, see Change the Workflow Status of a Form.