Add Person Fields

Find the descriptions of the Add Person fields.

Add/Edit Person

Enter the person's first name.
Enter the person's last name.
Job Title
Enter the person's job title. The job title appears on the device login and is visible to all people with access to Field View. If you don't want people to see others' job titles, leave this field blank.
Login Name
Enter a unique login name for the person to use to log into the Field View web application. The login name must be unique across all Field View users, not just your organization.
Note: Once you save the person, you cannot change the login name. We recommend using the email address as the login name to ensure it is unique.
Enter a password for the person to use to log into the Field View web application.

Passwords must be at least 10 characters long, contain at least one uppercase and lowercase letter, and include at least one special character and one number.

Confirm Password
Enter the same password you entered in the Password field.
Select the check box to assign the person to a role. We recommend that you only select one role for a user.
Telephone Number
Enter the person's phone number.
Mobile Number
Enter the person's cell phone number.
Enter the person's email address. All system emails are sent to this address.
Login Account Locked
The Login Account Locked check box is not selected by default. If a person has been locked out of their account, usually due to too many unsuccessful login attempts, this check box becomes selected.
Note: To unlock the account, open the business person record and deselect this check box.
Login Active
The Login Active check box is selected by default. The Login Active check box needs to be selected for the person to be able to log into the Field View web application.
Person Active
The Person Active check box is selected by default. It is possible to have the Person Active check box selected, but not the Login Active check box. For example, you may have a person who needs to be listed on a form as a signatory, but does not need to access Field View.