Invite a Business User

You can give a person from your organization access to a project and send the person an email from Field View inviting them to create their own login credentials.

This method of adding a user allows the individual to create their own user name and password. However, if the user doesn't do anything, the invitation will expire. Alternately, you can add a business user to ensure the account is created, but you must inform the user of their user name and password.

Fastpath: Business Setup > Security > Business User Invitations
  1. Confirm that the correct business unit is selected in the Current Business Is field, and that no project is selected in the Current Project Is field.
  2. Select Business Setup > Security > Business User Invitations.
  3. Click the Add button .
  4. Fill out the following fields. For more information, see Add Person Fields.
  • Email Address
  • Forename
  • Surname
  • Project Name
  • Roles
    Note: You can select multiple roles; however, the person will have permissions for the highest level role selected.
  • Expiry Date
    Note: If the business user doesn't login by this date, they will not be able to log in with this invitation. Defaults to 30 days from the current date.
  1. Select the Device User check box to give the business user a login to the Field View app.
  2. Click Save.
The business user receives an email with their login credentials.