Enable Viewpoint For Projects in Field View

You can enable Field View to get plan drawings from Viewpoint For Projects. This functionality is set at the highest-level business unit within your enterprise. When this functionality is enabled in the business unit, then individual Viewpoint For Project user logins can be set up within Field View.

You must have Business Unit Administrator permissions in the highest-level business unit to perform this operation.

Fastpath: Business Setup > Business Structure
  1. In the Current Business Is list, select the highest level business unit for your enterprise.
  2. Select Business Setup > Business Structure.
  3. In the Business Setup - Business Structure screen, right-click on the highest-level business unit and select Edit Organisation.
  4. In the Edit Organisation window, select the Enable Viewpoint Features check box.
    If you do not see this check box, then integration has already been enabled at a higher level business unit.
  5. Click Save.
Once you enable Viewpoint For Projects in Field View, you can add Viewpoint For Projects login credentials for each user of the web application. See Enter Viewpoint For Projects Logins in Field View.