Set Workflow Template Permissions

You can modify the permissions to select each workflow status that Field View assigns automatically to system roles.

When you create a workflow template, Field View assigns permissions to select each status based on system roles. However, you can modify those permissions. You can grant to specific roles the permissions to select particular workflow statuses in tasks, forms, and asset/location checks. Users with permissions to a particular workflow status can change a process task to that status. You can also remove the workflow permissions held by each role.

Fastpath: Business Setup > Standards And Templates > Workflow Templates
  1. Confirm that the correct business unit is selected in the Current Business Is field.
  2. Select Business Setup > Standards And Templates > Workflow Templates.
  3. In the Workflow Templates screen, in the Right Set column, click to set permissions for a new workflow or to edit existing permissions for a workflow.
  4. To see which permissions a role has already, in the System Roles pane of the Workflow Template Roles window, expand a role so that all statuses display, and then expand each right under a status so that all work items display. indicates an existing permission.
  5. To assign permissions to a role:
    1. In the Workflow Template Rights pane of the Workflow Template Roles window, expand the workflow and its statuses. Select the check boxes for the work items for which you want to grant workflow permission.

      In the Workflow Template Rights pane, expand the Inspection Sign-off workflow, and then expand the Available for Inspection status. Under that, select the Form check box.

    2. In the Systems Role pane, select the role to which you want to assign the permission.

      In the System Roles pane, select the Form Contributor check box.

    3. Click

    For example, you may want to assign permissions for a Form Contributor to be able to select the Available for Inspection status in forms using the Inspection Sign-off workflow.

  6. To remove permissions from a role:
    1. In the System Roles pane, expand the role and its workflow statuses, and select the check boxes for permissions you want to remove. Existing permissions are marked with a .
    2. Click .
  7. Click Close.
Workflow permissions have been set.