View a Document Attached to an Asset

Use your mobile device to view documents that have been attached to assets.

You must have the appropriate document permissions in order to view documents.
  1. Tap Location Summary and then tap Assets to view the assets list.
  2. Tap a process to display the Assets list.
  3. While the list is collapsed, tap the expand button for an asset.
  4. Tap Documents.
    The number of documents attached to the asset displays in parentheses. For example, Documents (7) indicates seven files are attached to the asset. Documents (0) indicates no files are attached.
  5. Attached documents display in a list. Tap the name of the file you want to view.
  6. Use the device browser options to open or save the file.
  7. When you are finished viewing the file, use the Back button to return to the list of documents.