Location View

The location view displays automatically when you open the app. Use this screen to navigate the project locations and add tasks and forms.

  • Location View / Plan View / Work View Tabs - Switch between the location view, which shows a hierarchy of locations on the project, and the plan view, which shows the project drawing, whether it is configured, and the work view, which lists all tasks and forms that you have access to for that project.
  • Location Breadcrumbs - Shows the current location and its position within the project. To navigate using breadcrumbs, tap on a tier and select a new location.
  • Add Task/Form - Tap the button to add a task or form to the currently selected location. See Add a Form in Location View or Add a Task in Location View.
  • Location Summary - Tap the button to turn the location summary on or off. The location summary shows the tasks and forms for the location. Tap the item to edit the task or form.
  • Filter - Tap the button to filter the tasks, forms, processes, and assets shown on the locations and in the location summary.
  • Dashboard - Tap the button to view the dashboard. See Dashboard.
  • Barcode Scan - Tap the button to open the barcode scanner. When you scan a location barcode, the location is selected in the app.
    Note: A barcode scanner must be installed separately.
  • Menu - Tap the button to see additional actions and options. See Menu.
  • Location Tile - Each location within a project is represented by a tile in the location view.
  • Points of Interest (POI) - Visual indicators of the number of tasks and forms at the location and locations below. The numbers are affected by the current filters. Because the numbers are totals including locations below, you may not see the same number of POIs when you go to the location summary.
  • Plan Indicator - Displayed for locations that have a plan image associated. Tap Plan View to see the plan image.