Add a Form in Location View

You can add a form to complete a form for a location.

Forms contain questions to be answered. Because each organization can customize their forms, we can't tell you exactly how to complete a form, other than to answer the questions the form contains.

An answer can be one of variety of types, such as date, time, number, text, dropdown, and signature. You can add comments, attach photos, or assign a task to an answer. Each answer is saved automatically when you complete it.

  1. Tap Location View and drill down to the location where you want to add the form.
  2. Tap the Add button , and then tap Form.
    For iOS, tap the Action Panel button . Then, in the Forms section, tap Add New.
  3. Tap the form type, and then tap the form you want to add.
    To filter the list of forms, enter part or all of the form name in the Search field.
  4. (optional) To add additional information to an answer, tap one or more of the following:
    Comments Add comments for the form answer. Tap Done to save the comment.
    Photo Add a new photo or a photo from the gallery on your device.
    Action Add a new task associated with the form answer.
    Access options to Add Additional Answer or Mark As Not Applicable. These options are not available in all instances.
  5. (optional) Tap All Good to complete all questions on the form with "good" answers.
    A questions is only completed with the “good” answer if it doesn’t already contain an answer and if a “good” answer has been defined in the template for the question.
  6. (optional) Tap Distribution to select organizations and people to receive a PDF of the form in an email.
    Note: Forms are emailed when you sync your device.
  7. (optional) Tap Set Status to change the status of the form.
  8. (optional) Tap PDF to create a PDF of the form and open it on your device.
  9. Tap the Back button on your device to exit the form.