View and Edit Location Workflow Status on a Mobile Device

You can view and edit a location's workflow status through the Location Summary screen using your mobile device.

Locations can be assigned workflow templates on the website. This allows you to indicate the workflow status of a location as you would with a task or form.
  1. To view the workflow status for a location, tap the Action Panel button at the top of the screen to display the Location Summary for the current location.
    The current status of the workflow is displayed with a colored bar.
  2. To edit the workflow status for a location, tap the status bar to display a list of available status options for the location.
In the Location View, the status of a location is indicated by a thin vertical bar on the left side of a location tile. This provides a quick overview of the status of multiple locations without having to open the Location Summary window for each one.

In Plan View, if a location has a both a drawing and calibration, the workflow status matches the color of the calibration. the outline color of each calibrated location now matches the color of the location's workflow status