Login Screen

The login screen appears when you open the app on your device. You can log in to the app, sync the device, and more.

  • Project Name - Shows the name of the current project. This is the project you will log in to, unless you switch to a different project. See Switch Project.
  • Project Logo - Shows the logo for the project on the Assign Devices screen in the web application. If no logo is set, defaults to the Field View logo.
  • News Feed - Shows important information, including last sync information and system messages. An administrator can set information to display from the web application.
  • Sync - Tap here to start a sync of the app when you have a wi-fi connection. This updates the app and the sync app when newer versions are available.
  • Help - Tap to view the Field View help on the device when you have a wi-fi connection.
  • Menu - Tap the button to see additional actions and options, including Settings, Diagnostic Utilities, and Switch Project.
  • Login Names - Tap on your login name to select it from the list.