Main Items on a Device

There are four main items that you can manage on a device using the Field View app.

There are several main things you can accomplish with Field View on a mobile device:

  • Tasks - work that need to be completed on site, such as punch lists and RFIs.

  • Forms - A form is a way to collect information. Documents that need to be completed related to work on site.

  • Processes - A process is a to-do list; a list of tasks that you complete in a certain order. The tasks in a process are not the same as the Tasks above, they are literal tasks that need to be performed. A process may have a form associated with it.

  • Assets - track equipment, furniture, or other physical item on site.

Each type is indicated with an icon on the location level on the device, using the Location View. The total of that type is displayed next to the icon on each location level.