The menu contains additional options and the last time your project was synced. The contents of the menu may change depending on the resolution and size of the device.

  • Last sync - displays how must time has passed since the last sync.

  • Menu - Tap the menu to open it, then tap an option to open it or tap the menu again to close it.
  • Sync Project - Will perform a sync of all your projects.

  • Sync Log - Displays a list of when Field View last synced the projects.

  • Search by Ref - Opens a search to find a form or task using its ID. Tapping the form or task opens the item within its respective location.

  • Scan Barcode - Enables the device user to scan the printed barcode or QR code that has been placed on a location or asset.

  • Filter Dashboard - Shows cards with set filters for specific items.

  • Hide/Show Item Counts - Removes or displays counts of tasks, forms, and processes on the geometry tree.

  • Messages - Displays active system messages.

  • Help - Opens the help.

  • Feedback - Opens the Suggestion Box, where you can enter your ideas for improving Field View, vote for ideas from other customers, and track which ideas are being added.

  • About - Displays version information for Field View and the sync application.