Manage a Process

The Process Task List allows you to access and manage individual processes for a location.

  1. Tap Location Summary and then tap Processes to view the process list.

    This list shows a summary of all the processes at the current location and displays the current status of each one.

  2. Tap a process to display the Process Task list.

    This list displays the number of complete and total tasks within each process.

  3. When the list is in the collapsed state, you can tap the expand button for a task to see more details relating to that task, such as the number of comments, photos, tasks, documents, and if there is an associated form.
  4. From the expanded view of the task, you can do the following, depending on your permissions:
    • Change task status. Tap the status color block to change the status of the task.

    • View or add attachments. Click the attachment icon to view or add an attachment.
    • Edit a task. Tap the task name in the list to view and edit the task details.