About GPS

GPS functionality allows tasks and forms raised within the mobile Field View app to be tagged with the GPS coordinates of the location at which they were raised. It also provides a compass tool for navigating to an item’s location from the user’s current position.

When a task or form has been configured to include GPS functionality, creating a new task or form of that type using the mobile Field View app initializes location tracking and provides feedback to the user regarding the accuracy of the latest GPS fix. The user is then able to save the GPS coordinates when a sufficient accuracy has been attained.

For details on configuring GPS in a task type, see Add a Task to a Business Unit.

For details on configuring GPS in a form question, see Add a Question to a Form Template.

GPS component

A task or form configured with GPS displays a color-coded GPS component, which provides immediate feedback about the current GPS status.

The GPS component displays the following states:
  • Red: No GPS fix.
  • Yellow: Inaccurate GPS fix.
  • Green: Accurate GPS fix. This means the GPS fix is within 10 meters or less in any direction from the given coordinates.

Tap the GPS component to display more details about the GPS location.

Tap Record GPS to record the GPS location to the task or form and stop location tracking. Tap Clear GPS to clear the most recent GPS fix.

When the GPS component is stopped you can restart the GPS or access the compass tool to navigate from your current position to the location of the selected task or form.

Tap Compass to open the compass tool. The compass displays the distance, bearing in degrees, and direction from your current location to the location of the selected task or form.