Working with Photos

In the Field View application, you can annotate and attach photos to work items to provide greater context and explanation than descriptions alone.

  1. From the work item (for example, task, form answer, asset or process task), tap the camera icon to initiate the device camera.
  2. When you have captured your photo, a thumbnail is displayed in a scrollable horizontal list. Tap a thumbnail to display the image gallery. From there, you can view and navigate between all photos attached to the item.
  3. Tap an image to view annotation controls. Refer to the following image and table to access annotation tools and save your annotations.

    1 Color selectionTap to select a color and transparency for your annotations.
    2 Shape selectionTap to select a pen tool for free-draw, line tool for straight lines, arrow, or shape for your annotations. Use the slider to adjust line width.
    3 Clear annotationsTap to clear your annotations. Note that once annotations have been saved to an image, they cannot be removed.
    4 Save annotationsTap to save annotations and return to the gallery.