Edit a Form Schedule

You can edit a form schedule to make changes.

  1. Click on Forms in the header.
  2. Click the Form Schedules tab.
  3. Click the reference number for the form schedule you want to edit.
  4. In the Edit Form Schedule window, edit the form schedule as needed.
    • Select Type: Select a form type from the drop-down menu.
    • Form Templates: You can enter criteria to search for the form template you want to use, or select the check box next to the form template that you want to schedule.
      Note: If you change the form template, make sure that new form is configured to generate form schedule notifications. See Configure Form Schedule Notifications.
    • Description: Enter a description for the form schedule.
    • Start Date: Click to select a start date for the form schedule. The new form instance is created on selected start date.
    • Repeats: Click either Never, Weekly, or Monthly to indicate whether or not you want the new form instance to be created weekly.
  5. Click Save to save your changes to the form schedule.