Complete a Form

You can fill out a form on the web application by answering all the questions on the form.

A form has to be added to a project before you can complete it. See Add a Form to a Project.
Forms are completely customizable, so we can't tell you exactly how to complete a particular form.

You can also Complete All Questions in a Form with "Good" Answers to quickly complete a form. You may answer some questions on a form and then complete the remaining questions with good answers.

  1. Click on Forms in the header.
  2. In the REF column, select the Form number you want to work with.
    Note: You can filter the list of forms to make it easier to find the form you want to work with. See Filter the List of Forms for details.
  3. Click in an answer field to complete the question. You are prompted for the type of information to enter.
    When you click in an answer field that requires a date, a calendar appears. When you click in an answer field that requires an image, you are prompted to upload a file.
    Required answers are indicated by a red asterisk appears to the left of the answer field. The form is saved automatically.