Download Bulk Forms for Closeout

You can download forms in bulk so that you have all documents (such as graphics, attachments and metadata) in PDF format, within a single ZIP file, as a record for particular job.

The Bulk Export feature provides you with display, folder, image-size and file-naming options before you view your report.
  1. Click on Forms in the header.
  2. Click the Filter button .
    The Filters pane appears.
  3. Click Form Type.
  4. Select the check box for each form type you want to download.
  5. Click the Actions button and select Bulk Export PDF.
    The Bulk Export window appears.
  6. In the PDF Options area, select the check box for each thing you want to show in the report:
    • Actions
    • Images
    • Status Audit Log
    • Comments
    • Answered By
    • Attached Documents
  7. In the Image Size area, select a preferred size for your images.
  8. In the Folder Options area, select Group by Location to group your downloads by location.
  9. In the File Naming Options area, select whether to Include Template Names and/or Include Form Close Date.
  10. Click Request Download.
    An email is sent to you notifying you that the PDF export you requested is ready to download, and includes a link to a ZIP file.
    Note: This email may take up to an hour or more depending upon how many forms, images, and documents have been requested.
  11. Click the link.
    The downloaded bulk forms open in a new browser tab or window, depending on your browser settings.
  12. Save the downloaded forms in a preferred location.