Calibrate a Drawing

Calibrate a drawing by placing boundaries on one or more locations in the drawing for the benefit of mobile device users.

You must create locations in the directory and upload plan drawings to those locations. If needed, see Upload or Replace a Drawing.

To watch a brief video about calibrating a drawing, see Calibrations - Video.

Calibrating plan drawings enables mobile device users to identify and select specific locations so they can assign tasks and forms to them. It may not be necessary to identify every room in a building as a separate location. A location is an construction zone that you want to track and monitor. For example, in an apartment building, it may be sufficient to track the living and dining areas combined into one single location. An office building, on the other hand, may be designed on an open plan, and it may be useful to create locations based on zones within the project rather than on rooms.To calibrate a drawing:
  1. Go to Drawings in new web by clicking User menu > Project Setup > Drawing Calibration.
  2. Confirm you're working in the correct project.
  3. In the Locations directory, click a lowest-tier location that pertains to the plan drawing that has been uploaded.
    For example, consider a multi-floor apartment block with multiple apartments made up of several rooms on each floor. If the lowest-tier locations are separate rooms in an apartment, and the plan drawing illustrates apartments and rooms on the first floor, select a location representing a room.
    The related plan drawing appears, and in the top left corner of the pane displaying the drawing, the two Draw icons appear.
  4. To add a polygon:
    1. Select Draw left of the polygon icon in the top left corner of the drawing pane.
    2. Click once at each desired point.
    3. To close the shape, double click the final point.
      Note: Do not click the starting point to close the shape. Instead, allow the shape to close on its own by double-clicking the final point.
      The system connects your final point to the starting point.
    4. To delete the most recently drawn line, press the Backspace key.
    5. To start over before completing the polygon, press the Escape key.
  5. To add a rectangle:
    1. Select Draw left of the rectangle icon in the top left corner of the drawing pane.
    2. Click once to begin drawing the rectangle.
    3. Move the mouse and click again to complete the shape.
    4. To start over before completing the rectangle, press either the Backspace or Escape key.
  6. To calibrate another location you wish to track, select it in the Location directory and add the desired shape over the applicable zone in the drawing.
    Note: Your default drawing tool is the one you used most recently. For example, if you just drew a rectangle for a location, you can select another location in the directory and begin drawing a rectangle without selecting Draw left of the rectangle icon. Only when you're switching between rectangle and polygon do you need to make a selection.
  7. If you need to redraw a calibration, you must first remove the existing one:
    1. Click the ellipses for the location in the Location directory.
    2. Select Remove Calibration.
      Note: You do not need to cut images for the report as was required in Classic Drawings.
When you click on each location in the Location directory, that location's calibrated boundaries are highlighted in the Plan pane. Once mobile devices are synced, device users can see the calibrated boundaries in the Plan screen as well, and in the color that matches the location's workflow status.