Copy a Location

When you are adding locations manually in the Field View web application, you can save time by copying locations that have already been added. This can make the process of adding locations quicker when location tiers share the same location breakdown structure.

Within Field View, locations and plan drawings are sometimes referred to as "geometry."

These instructions show you how to copy only the location and any assets under it. If you want to copy locations along with their plan drawings, see Copy a Location with its Plan Drawing.

  1. Go to Drawings in new web by clicking User menu > Project Setup > Drawing Calibration.
  2. Confirm you're working in the correct project.
  3. In the Locations pane, click the ellipses for the Location you want to copy. This tier and all locations under it will be copied.
  4. Select Copy.
  5. Click the ellipses for the Location you want to place the copied locations, and select Paste.
  6. Click the ellipses for the just-copied Location, and then select Edit.
  7. Edit the existing fields for the copied Location as necessary.
    If you need a new classification, see Add a Location or Asset Classification.
  8. Navigate to any Assets under this Location and make any needed edits by first clicking the ellipses for the Asset.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Repeat steps 3 though 8 to edit each copied location as necessary.

The copied locations hierarchy now displays in the Locations pane of the Drawing Calibration screen. Click to expand each location to see the tiers of locations. You can now add plan drawings to the copied locations.