Copy a Location with its Plan Drawing

When you are adding locations manually, you can save time by copying locations that have already been added along with their attached assets, plan drawings, and calibrations. You can copy locations using the same plan drawing or a replacement plan drawing.

These instructions show you how to copy Locations with their plan drawings and assets to the same level in the directory. If either of the following apply to you, see Copy a Location.
  • you want to copy a Location only, not a Location with its plan drawing
  • you want to copy a Location to a different level in the directory.

You would use this process, for example, when different floors of a project have the same layout, as in a hotel or apartment complex. If the layouts of the two floors are the same, but the location descriptions differ, you can use replacement plan drawings, which must be PDF of JPEG file format, have the same dimensions, and be uploaded at the same DPI.

Within Field View, the combination of a Location with its plan drawings is sometimes referred to as "geometry".

  1. Go to Drawings in new web by clicking User menu > Project Setup > Drawing Calibration.
  2. Confirm you're working in the correct project.
  3. In the Locations pane, click the ellipses for the Location you want to copy and select Clone.
    This tier must have a plan drawing attached (indicated by a plan drawing icon). This tier, all locations under it, and all Locations' Assets will be copied to the same level in the directory.
    A confirmation dialog appears.
  4. Choose what to include in the copy process:
    • Select the Copy Drawing check box to copy the existing plan drawing along with the copied locations.
    • Select the Copy Calibrations check box if you also want to include any applied calibrations.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. If you decide you want to replace the Drawing that has been included in the copy process, follow the steps shown in the Drawings video.
  7. In the Locations pane, click the ellipses for the copied location tier (it has "Copy (x)" in the description) and select Edit.
    The Edit Location window appears.
  8. Edit the existing fields for the copied Location as necessary.
    If you need a new classification, see Add a Location or Asset Classification.
  9. Navigate to any Assets under this Location and make any needed edits by first clicking the ellipses for the Asset.
  10. Click Save.
  11. Repeat steps 3 through 9 to edit each copied location as necessary.
The copied locations hierarchy now display in the Locations pane of the Drawing Calibration screen. Click to expand each location to see the tiers of locations, and their plan drawings and assets if applicable. If you copied calibrations, the plan drawing will have location boundaries. If you need to calibrate the drawings, follow the steps shown in the Calibrations video.