Create and Configure Process Templates

Admins create and configure Process 'templates' in the Business Setup area.

A Process is a collection of Tasks, ordered in a prescribed sequence. For a more detail, see Processes.

Access the Business Process template setup area from the drop down that appears when you click on your name in the upper right corner. Changes made in this setup area affect only the templates, not the Project Processes that were made from them.

See these pages for steps to create and set up a Process template.

Create a Business Process Template - start by creating one or more templates.

Add Tasks to a Business Process Template - before assigning to multiple projects, make each template as complete as possible.

Assign a Business Process to a Project - the system uses the template to generate a Project Process and retains the template for use again later.

Assign a Process Task to an Organisation - for a given Process, each Task must be designated with who should take action.

Assign a Project Process to a Location or Asset - for any given Process, this is the step that makes all Tasks actionable.

Add Tasks to a Project Process - when a Project Process is already deployed and the need for additional action items becomes apparent.

Copy a Process - can save time if an existing Process template is similar enough to a template that's needed.

Remove Processes from Locations - if for whatever reason you need one or more Processes removed from one or more Locations, there are several options for proceeding.

Change the Task Order - you can change the prescribed Task completion sequence by changing the sequential order of the Process Tasks as they appear in the Tree.

Delete a Task from a Process - you can remove a Task from a Business Process template at any time. For a Project Process, you can remove it as long as the Task hasn't moved beyond its initial status.