Remove All Processes from a Location

Remove all Project Processes from a single Location, and opt whether to also remove all Processes assigned to the Locations nested within.

Selecting any one Location or child Location in the left-side pane of the Geometry Assignments tab causes each Process assigned to that Location to appear in the right-side pane.
Note: Project Locations are also known as geometries.
  1. Confirm you're working in the correct project and select User menu > Project Setup > Project Processes.
  2. Click Geometry Assignments.
    A list of Locations appears in the left pane and an arrow appears left of each Location that has child Locations.
  3. Select a Location which has a clipboard icon to the right of its name.
    The Processes currently assigned to the Location are listed in the right-side pane.
  4. If you want to remove only the Processes shown from only the currently selected Location:
    1. Click the ellipses.
    2. Choose Unassign Process(es) from here.
    3. Click Yes to confirm.
    All Processes that were displayed for that Location are removed, and only from that one Location.
  5. If you want to remove all Processes from all Locations nested under a parent Location:
    1. Expand your view of each Location and nested Location by clicking the nearby arrows.
    2. Select each nested Location in the left-side pane to view its assigned Process(es) in the right-side pane.
    3. If all Processes you encounter should indeed be removed, click the ellipses for the parent Location.
    4. Choose Unassign Process(es) from here and below.
    Any and all Processes assigned to the Location and to all nested Locations are removed, even those not assigned to the parent that you took the action on.