Assign a Business Process to a Project

Business Processes templates are powerful, but they are templates only. In order to deploy the Tasks that make up the Business Process, first you must assign the Process to the Project.

Create the Business Process and add Tasks to it.

You need these permissions to assign Business Process templates to Projects:
  • View Process
  • Add Process
  • Assign Form Template
  • Assign Task Type

    In addition, you need project-level permission to any project(s) you want to assign the Business Process template to.

Business Processes are templates that you can repurpose across multiple projects. These make it easier to standardise Processes and their Tasks. Assigning a template to a Project results in a Project Process.
  1. Confirm you're working in the correct business unit and select User menu > Business Setup > Business Processes.
    The list of existing Business Processes appears.
  2. Left of the Ref column, select the check box for each Process that you want to assign to one or more projects.
  3. Click Actions > Assign to Projects.
    A new window appears.
  4. Select the check box next to each Project that you want the Process(es) to be assigned to.
    Note: The list of Projects
    • If a Project you seek doesn't appear in the list, it's because you don't have the permissions to that project.
    • Project names appearing in the list as greyed out and selected have already had all selected Process(es) assigned.
  5. Click Assign Process Templates.
The Field View application takes these actions:
  • Generates a Project Process using the Business Process template.
  • Places the record in the Project Processes setup area, found at User menu > Project Setup > Project Processes.
  • Assigns any Task Types or Form Templates that are not already assigned to the Project.
    Note: When a Project is first created in Field View, a requirement is to assign the pertinent Task Types and Form Templates. If any Projects you've just selected need any Task Types or Form Templates assigned based on the Process you've just assigned, Field View assigns them automatically at this time.
Each Task in a Process must be assigned to an organisation before you can deploy the Process. If needed, follow the steps in Assign a Process Task to an Organisation.

If all Tasks are already assigned, you may deploy it by assigning this Project Process to a Location.