Assign a Process Task to an Organisation

Assign each Task in the Process (or Sub-process) to the organisation responsible for completing the Task.

Normally, during the course of assigning Processes to Projects, Tasks get assigned automatically to the organisation responsible for completing them; this assignment is based on the default value for that Package for the Project.

For any Task not assigned to an organisation, take the steps on this page.

  1. Confirm you're working in the correct project and select User menu > Project Setup > Project Processes.
  2. In the Ref column, select the number for the Project Process.
    The Tree view displays the Project Process with its compilation of Tasks nested underneath.
  3. Select the Task.
    The Task details appear in the right pane.
  4. (Optional) In the Package field, select the Package to which the Process Task belongs for this Project.

    If an organisation is already assigned to the Package you selected, the Issued to Organisation field updates automatically. If more than one organisation is associated with the Package, you can opt to change it.

  5. Edit the Issued to Organisation field accordingly.
  6. Click Save.
When all Tasks in a Process have been assigned to an organisation, the Process name's text converts from red to grey, at which point you can deploy the Process by assigning it to a Location.
Assign the Process to a Location.