Assign a Project Process to a Location or Asset

Assigning a Project Process to at least one Location or Asset on the Project is what makes the Tasks actionable.

For a given Process, you must assign each Task to an organisation before you can assign the Process to a Location. If you're just getting started, see Processes.
You can assign Processes to any level Location; for example, to an individual room, such as a bathroom, or to a higher-level Location, such as a floor.
Note: Locations and Assets are often referred to as 'geometries'.
  1. Confirm you're working in the correct project and select User menu > Project Setup > Project Processes.
  2. Left of the Ref column, select the check box for each Process that you want to assign to one or more Locations.
  3. Click Actions > Assign to Geometry.
    A new window appears.
  4. Select the radio button next to the assignment option that best suits your current need.
    • Select Locations and Assets - provides a complete list of Locations and Assets to choose from; best when precision is key.
    • Bulk Geometry Options - provides options to assign the Process(es) to geometries based on type and level.
    • Assign By Classification - provides options to assign the Process(es) to geometries based on associated Classification.
    Once you make a selection, if you want to change it, click Back.
  5. Make your selections according to the options presented.
  6. Click Assign.
    The Field View application makes the changes in the background, which may take some time.
In each Location the Tasks are assigned, permissioned web and mobile users can take action on the Task(s) assigned to their organisation.
Note: Once a Process is deployed on a Project
  • If any Tasks from the Process have moved beyond their initial status, you should avoid unassigning the Location, but you won't be prevented from doing so.
  • The only element of the Process that can be modified is the description.
  • The Process can be removed from the Project only if all Tasks are in their initial status or all are in their final status.
Repeat as necessary to assign to additional Locations, using different assignment options if needed.