Change the Task Order

Change the prescribed order that the Tasks should be completed by changing their placement relative to one another in the Tree.

A Process must be comprised of at least two Tasks before you can change the order.
The top-to-bottom order that Tasks are listed in both Business Process templates and in Project Processes prescribes the order that the Tasks should be completed once the Process is deployed and active on a Project.
Note: The order you prescribe doesn't necessarily constrain field activity to that order.
  1. Confirm you are working in the correct business unit, then chose your context:
    • If you want to change the order of Tasks of a Business Process template, go to User menu > Business Setup > Business Processes.
    • If you want to change the order of Tasks of a Project Process, go to User menu > Project Setup > Project Processes.
  2. Drag and drop any Task:
    1. Left click on the Task to be moved and hold the mouse button down.
    2. Move the mouse to drag the item to the desired location in the Tree.
    3. At the desired location in the Tree, release the mouse button to drop the Task.
      Note: If you need to scroll through items in the Tree, or if the destination for a Task is within a nested Location not appearing on the screen, you may find it necessary to use Cut and Paste to move your items.
The Tree displays the new Task order, and updates accordingly for each field worker who syncs their device.
Depending on your Task naming convention, changing the order may create a need for one or more Task name changes.

If you haven't already done so, assign this Process to a Project.