Copy a Process

Copying an existing Business Process template can be faster than starting from scratch, more so when the template to be copied is similar to the template needed.

Ensure the Process template to be copied is as complete as possible to prevent needing to make identical changes in both the original and the new Process.
About copies
  • All copies inherit the attributes, Sub-processes, and Tasks of the original.
  • Copies do not inherit the Geometry assignments.
  • Business Process templates do not inherit the Project Assignments.
  • Project Process copies can be applied to the same project only. If you want a Process that can be applied to multiple Projects, create a Business Process template.
  1. Confirm you are working in the correct business unit, then select User menu > Business Setup > Business Processes
  2. Select the ellipses for the Process to be copied.
  3. Select Copy.
    The Copy Process screen appears.
  4. Give the new Process a unique name, that is, one not used for any other Business Process template or Project Process.
  5. Click Save Copy.
The new Process appears in the Tree.
Assign a Business Process to a Project.