Create a Business Process Template

Business Process templates can help you standardise task lists across Projects and Business Units.

Follow these steps to create a template. At a later stage, when you assign a Business Process template to a Project, the system uses the template to generate a Project Process and retains the template for use again later.
  1. Confirm you're working in the correct business unit and select User menu > Business Setup > Business Processes.
  2. Click the Add button .
  3. In the Process Name field, enter a name for the process.
  4. In the Visibility area, select the option that indicates which business units can use this process.
  5. To change the business unit that owns this process, in the Owned By Business Unit field, select the drop-down arrow to choose a different business unit.
  6. In the Default Geometry Classification box, select the check box for each geometry classification to associate with the process.
    Note: In a future step, when you assign the Process to one or more Locations, you'll have the option to assign by Classification. The result is that the Classifications you select under default geometry will be selected automatically for your convenience. For context, see Assign a Project Process to a Location or Asset.
  7. Click Save.
You are directed to the Tree view of your newly created Business Process.
Add tasks to the business process.