View a Sign Off Sheet Report

View the Task status for each Process or generate and download a printable list of sign-off sheets for recording an organization's acknowledgment that a Process Task is completed.

  1. Click on Processes in the header.
  2. In the Ref column, select the process you want to work with.
  3. Click on the List tab.
  4. Click the Actions button and select Sign Off Sheet Report.
    The Process Sign Off Sheet Report window appears.
  5. (Optional) If you want to see only the Process Tasks issued by or to you, clear the View All Tasks check box.
  6. If you also want to see the Forms associated with Process Tasks, select the View Forms check box.
    Note: If you select this check box, the Location Page Breaks check box is disabled. Skip the next step.
  7. If you want each Location to begin on a separate page, select the Location Page Breaks check box.
  8. Click View Report.
    Note: Selecting the View Forms check box changes which buttons appear on the Process Sign Off Sheet Report window.
    • Click the Generate Report button.
    • Once the report generates, click the Download button.
The report opens in a new browser tab or window, depending on your browser settings.