View and Update Process Tasks

Permissioned users can update the elements of Process Tasks using the web application just as on-site/field workers can with mobile devices.

Once a business-level user has assigned a Project Process to a Project Location, permissioned web and mobile users can begin to take action on the collection of Tasks.

Locating and Viewing Process Tasks

Very long lists of Process Tasks can be easier to manage if you can navigate your way around and efficiently locate Tasks. These pages can help you.

About the Process Summary View - quickly assess the state of a Project's Processes.

About the Process List View - a display of each Task's details.

Set Paging Item Count - choose how many records to display on a single page.

Filter the Process Grids - apply filtering criteria to choose which records are included in your view of the grid

View the Forms and Tasks Associated to a Process Task - insight to the Forms and Tasks associated to a Task help provide needed context.

View the Status Audit Trail - a historical log of status changes for any given Task.

View the Full Audit Trail for a Process Task - a historical log of all changes to the Task to include user, date/time, and type of change.

Updating Process Tasks

Update a Process Task - update the details for a Task that has already been assigned to a Location.

Add a Comment to a Process Task - everyone with access to the Task can view the comments.

Attach a Document to a Process Task - relevant documents may be attached for later reference.

Attach an Image to a Process Task - diagrams, drawings, and on-site pictures can help clarify and confirm what otherwise might be difficult to describe.