Customise the Process Task List

Focus on what's most relevant to you by choosing which columns appear in the list of Process Tasks, and in what order.

By default, all columns appear in the list of Process Tasks. You can hide one or more and change their order.
Your settings apply to all Projects, but only to you. Other users can choose their own settings.
Note: You cannot hide the Ref column.
  1. Click on Processes in the header.
  2. In the Ref column, select the process you want to work with.
  3. Click on the List tab.
  4. Click the Add/Remove Columns button .
    The Column Configuration pane appears.
  5. Clear the check box for each column you no longer want to see in the list and ensure that the check box is selected for each column you want to see.
  6. To change the order of the columns, drag and drop the column to where you want it to appear.
  7. Click the Hide Column Selection button to hide the Column Configuration pane.
The Process Tasks list now shows only the columns you selected, in the order you arranged them.
Additional options to make records and work items easier to find: