Update a Process Task

Update Process Task elements using the web application.

Subcontractors and project managers update the details for Tasks that have been assigned to them at a given Location.

  1. Confirm you're working in the correct Project.
  2. Select Processes in the header.
  3. In the Ref column, select the Process that contains the Task you want to update.
    You are directed to the Summary view which displays all the Process Tasks.
  4. Choose your preferred method to access the editable Task fields:
    • Summary view - in the row for the Location, click the Task cell, and select Edit Process Task.
    • List view - in the Ref column, click the Task you want to edit.
  5. Edit the Task data.
    Only fields that can be edited are enabled.
  6. Click Save.
The Task is updated with your changes and a new record is added to the registry.
(Optional) View the Full Audit Trail for a Process Task.