Change the Status of a Process Task

Keep the status of each Process Task updated as it progresses toward completion.

To change the status:
  1. Confirm you're working in the correct Project and select Processes in the header.
  2. In the Ref column, select the Process that contains the Task needing a status change.
  3. Choose your preferred method to access the editable Task fields:
    • Summary view - in the row for the Location, click the Task cell and select Change Status. The Change Status window appears.
    • List view - in the Ref column, select the Task.
  4. In the Status field, change the status.
  5. (Optional) In the Status Change Comments field, enter the reason(s) for or any comments about the status change.
    Tip: For all occasions that you don't need to enter anything in the Status Change Comments field, you can use the List view and change the entry in the Status column.
  6. Click Save.
The Task status is updated and a new record is added to the registry.
(Optional) View a history of the Task's status changes.