Deactivate a Device

You can deactivate a mobile device to prevent it from syncing with the project in Field View.

You should deactivate a device for a project if it no longer needs to sync with that project. This can free space on the device that can be used for new projects.

For security reasons, you should also deactivate a device if the person who owns the device no longer works with you or if the device is stolen. In this case, you need to deactivate the device for every project that it was activated for.

  1. Click on your name in the upper right corner and select Project Setup > Devices.
  2. In the row of the device you want to work with, click and select Deactivate.
    Note: You can also deactivate a device by clicking the REF column for the device and then deselecting the Active check box in the Edit Device screen.
The device is deactivated and is no longer able to sync with Field View. The Active column displays a icon indicating the device is inactive.