Download Field View and Open Project

Once you accept an invitation for a project and create a Trimble Construction One account, you can download the Field View app on your mobile device and begin working on your project. The instructions will differ depending on your mobile device and if the invitation came with a QR enrollment code.

  1. Download Field View from the app store of your mobile device.
  2. Select Projects. Depending on your device and its operating system, you can either select the three dots in the upper right corn (Android) or from the menu on the left (iOS).
  3. If your invitation does not have a QR code, click Login to TC1.
    Select your region, and then log in with your Trimble Construction One account. You can skip the rest of these instructions.
  4. If your invitation has a QR code, select New Project.
  5. Select OK (Android) or Create (iOS) in the New Project window.
  6. Select Scan Enrollment Code in the upper right corner (Android) or scroll down and select Scan Enrollment QR Code (iOS).
  7. If Field View asks, allow Field View to take pictures and record video.
  8. Scan the QR code. Field View will start syncing your project.
    When it's finished, you'll see a list of users.
  9. Select your name and enter your Trimble Construction One mobile PIN.
Once you’ve successfully downloaded the Field View app and logged in, refresh your screen.
  • For Android, select the Back button and then select Projects again.

  • For iOS, drag your finger down your screen.

Field View displays your project.