Change the Status of Multiple Tasks

You can change the status of multiple tasks at one time to track their progress to completion.

You can use this process for one task, if you want to add a comment to indicate the reason for the status change.
  1. Click on Tasks in the header.
  2. Select the check box for each task you want to update.
  3. Click the Actions button and select Change Status.
    The Change Status window appears.
  4. (Required) In the Status field, select the status to apply to all the selected tasks.
  5. In the Status Change Comments field, enter the reason for the change or any comments about the status change.
  6. In the Signed By field, click the plus sign to add a signature.
    1. In the Organizations field, select your organization.
    2. In the Person field, select yourself or click the plus sign or the drop down list to select a different person.
    3. If you add a new person, have that person enter their mobile PIN as their signature.
  7. Click Sign.
The task status is updated for all selected tasks.