Filter the List of Tasks

You can apply filters to limit the tasks displayed and quickly find the ones you want to work with.

You can apply several filters at once, but only tasks that match all the criteria are displayed. Other users are not affected by the filters you add.
  1. Click on Tasks in the header.
  2. Click the Filters button .
    The Filters pane appears.
  3. Click any filter name to enter criteria:
    • Ref
    • Location
    • Task Description
    • Status
    • Task Type
    • Issued to Package
    • Issued to Organization
    • Issued to User
    • Issued by Organization
    • Issued by User
    • Show Overdue Tasks Only
    • Created/Issued Date
    • Status Change Date
    • Scores
    • Priorities
    • Caused by Organization
    • Causes
    • Location Classifications
    Tip: The filter button appears next to each header where filters are selected.
  4. Click the Hide Filters button to hide the Filters pane.
The list of tasks is limited to just those that meet all the criteria you entered and the Filters button appears blue to indicate the list is filtered.
If needed, make different selections in the filter to filter by different criteria. If you want to remove the filter, see Remove Filters from the List of Tasks for details. If you want to change which columns the list uses, see Change the Columns for the List of Tasks.