Link my Field View Account to Trimble Construction One™

As a Trimble Construction One user, you can conveniently access the Field View application from an authenticated Trimble Construction One session. With this one-time setup, you no longer need to enter your credentials when going directly to Field View.

There is not a way to log in to Trimble Construction One directly from Field View.
  1. In the Trimble Construction One web application, click Field and then select your Field View destination.
    The Field View login page appears.
  2. Enter your username and password.
    You are logged into your Field View account, which is now linked to your Trimble Construction One account.
The next time you're logged in to Trimble Construction One and navigate to Field View, you will not be prompted for Field View credentials and will be automatically logged in.
If you want to undo this action, see Unlink my Field View Account from Trimble Construction One™.

To return to the Field View web application, click the Viewpoint icon in the upper left.