Maintenance - What's New

The following are new or enhanced maintenance-related features in the Field View web application in 2017-R1.

Selective Data Sync (Skinny Sync)

The new project-level “skinny-sync” lets administrators exclude data – such as closed out tasks or drawings from areas which aren’t relevant to the mobile device user – from syncing. This allows devices to use less storage, sync faster, and use less cellular data when not connected to WI-FI. Control options include:

  • You can control media, such as images, on devices at a project level based on the workflow status. For each workflow status, you can set whether media is removed from devices when they are synced. This can ensure that project data doesn’t exceed the device’s storage capacity.
  • You can prevent downloading a deep-zoom image for a location to a device for specific project locations. The Plan View for that location displays a message that the download of the drawing has been suppressed.

Additional API Functionality

The following API functionality has been added:

  • Export comments, associations, and actions for a form and its answers.
  • Export photos and attachments from forms and its answers.
  • Download a PDF file of a Detailed Task Report based on Task ID.
  • Download a PDF file of a Detailed Form Report based on Form ID.
  • Maintain pre-defined lists for drop-down menus for tasks and forms that require drop-down menus with tens or hundreds of values – such as field equipment or employee lists. You can export current lists, and add, edit, or delete simple list items.

Additional Sync Enhancements

Clearer messages are now displayed during sync on Android devices.