Web Fixes

The following fixes are available in the Field View web application in 2017-R2.

Table 1.
Fix Description ClearView #
When you create a PDF of form, the PDF now shows the correct text when “Other” is selected for a multi-select, pre-defined answer. 65641
Fixed an issue where form reports were not showing task actions or forms associated with form questions. 65542
Fixed an issue where an error occurred when you searched for “no package” in a library task.
Fixed an issue where the Export Task/Forms report times out before generating the report in the new web application. 65731
Improved performance when loading the list of forms on the new web application.
Fixed multiple issues related to replacing an existing drawing, making the process more reliable. 65744
Fixed an issue when using Microsoft Edge where you could edit a form on the web application that you don’t have permissions to edit. 65735
Fixed a very intermittent issue in the new web application where editing a form would cause the application to crash.