Mobile - What's New

The following are new or enhanced features in the Field View mobile app in 2017-R3.

Add Assets Capabilities to iOS and Windows Devices

Asset capabilities have been added on iOS and Windows devices. Regardless of the type of device you use, you can:
  • View the list of assets, sub assets are shown indented.
  • Raise a form on an asset and view existing associated forms.
  • Raise a task against an asset.
  • Add comments and attach photos to an asset.
  • Edit asset details.
  • View the number of assets in a location using the tree view.
  • Scan a barcode to access the asset on the device.
  • View the number of assets in a location using the summary view. The numbers are updated when you change locations.
  • Update the workflow status from the asset details.

Enhancements to iOS and Windows (for Parity with Android)

The iOS and Windows versions of Field View have been updated to have the same functionality as the Android app. These enhancements include:
  • You can now select to show or hide the counts of tasks, forms, and processes on the geometry tree, delivering faster load times when you don’t need this information.
  • The number of assets in the location summary now updates when you change locations.
  • You can now filter on processes from the location tree and plan view. You can add filters on:
    • Package
    • Process Name
    • Issued to Org
    • Issued by Org
  • Improvements to the dashboard include:
    • You can now create filter cards to appear on the dashboard.
    • Once a filter card is created, you can edit the title or the content of the card.
    • You can now order the filter cards on the dashboard.
    • You can remove the filter cards from the dashboard.

Additional Enhancements

  • Photos, annotated photos, and snapshots are now compressed to reduce the file size on iOS and Windows devices.
  • You can now share the results of a Comms test or a sync log using the platform sharing facility on iOS and Windows devices.