What's New 2017-R5

Viewpoint Field View™ 2017 release 5 is now available.

With this release of Field View, iOS and Windows users can now rotate images within the Field View app. The Task Report has been redesigned to remove blank space and reduce the page count. In addition, the Login page for the Field View website are updated with a new logo, colors, and branding.

Attention: Microsoft ended support for Internet Explorer 10 and older in January 2016. Viewpoint will be ending support for Internet Explorer 10 and older in the upcoming Field View 2017-R6, scheduled for the end of October. We strongly recommend all customers use supported browsers as unsupported browsers provide opportunity for malicious actors to capitalize on unpatched security holes. Post release, users logging into Field View using IE10 or older may still be able to access the product but any issues specific to these versions of IE will not be addressed and new functionality may not be compatible.