Mobile - What's New

The following are new or enhanced features in the Field View mobile app in 2017-R5.

Image Rotation for iOS and Windows

You can now rotate an image on an iOS or Windows device while annotating the image. Click Rotate Left or Rotate Right to turn the image 90° in that direction.

New Logo

The Field View app has a new default logo for the project screen. For iOS and Windows devices, the splash screen and menu have a new look. For Android devices, the About screen has a new look.

Additional Enhancements

  • Signing a form on a Windows device has been updated to match signing a form on an iOS device.
  • Images captured on Android devices are now downsized within the following parameters in order to bring them in line with Windows and iOS images storage:
    • Max width: 1000 pixels
    • Max height: 1000 pixels
    • Max size: 250 KB
    • Default quality: 90%
    • Minimum quality 70%