Web Fixes

The following fixes are available in the Field View web application in 2017-R5.

Fix Description ClearView #
New Web
When different questions in a static table group are answered on different devices and the devices are synced, the comments and images now appear in the web application after syncing. 66907
An error no longer occurs when you try to edit comments on a form. 67022
Fixed an issue where in some instances when you click out of a required field on a form, the information in that field was not saved. 67038
Predefined answer calculations based on a score from a pre-defined answer now calculate properly. 67138
When you create a Signoff Sheet with the View Forms option selected, the report no longer contains a watermark. 67180
Devices that use a North American sync server, now correctly show the sync server as NA in the Admin Centre/Devices screen. 67310
Display issues with the Process Summary screen that prevent you from interacting with the screen have been resolved. 67149, 67149
When you export the list of tasks to Excel, the Target Date field now displays the date in UK format if you are in the UK. 66845
Forms now display project based predefined answers in drop down lists for selection. 67054
Tasks now only appear once in the task list when you filter the list using filter options and user-defined filters. 67252
The Task Summary Report now generates properly when you add a filter on status. 67383
The Group By options on the Task Report now work properly. 67249
The Task Report now displays the Organization Name when you select the “organisation issued to” group by option. 67250
The Task Status Summary Report now includes all original tasks, which matches the report in Field View Classic. 67298
When you distribute a form report, all attached tasks are now included, regardless of where they were added. 67004
Classic Web
When you edit a form template to change the barcode prefix, you can now save the template. 1332130
When you import a process from Excel, all items in the file are now imported as expected. 63692