Mobile - What's New

The following are new or enhanced features in the Field View mobile app in 2017-R6.

GPS for iOS and Windows

A GPS functionality is now available on iOS and Windows devices, allowing tasks and forms to be tagged with the GPS coordinates of the location where they were raised. Forms must be configured with the Form GPS question type; tasks must be configured with a GPS field.

A GPS question or field on a device shows an accuracy indicator that blinks to indicate that a fix is being acquired. The accuracy indicator displays one of the following colors indicating the accuracy of the reading:
  • Green – accurate fix
  • Yellow – inaccurate fix
  • Red – no fix

Tap on the question or field to view the coordinates and tap Record GPS to save them.

Once the GPS coordinates are recorded, tap on the GPS question/field to see the latitude and longitude of the location and the accuracy of the coordinates.

  • Tap Restart GPS to take new coordinates for the location.
  • Tap Compass to see the direction and distance of the location from your current position (iOS only).
  • Tap Clear GPS to clear the existing coordinates.

Updated App Icons

The icon for the Field View app has been updated on all platforms. Tap the new icon to open Field View:
  • On Android, tap .
  • On iOS and Windows, tap .