Web Fixes

The following fixes are available in the Field View web application in 2017-R6.

Fix Description ClearView #
New Web
The GetProjectFormTemplate() API now returns all form templates that have ever been assigned to the Project, even if the template is currently removed or deactivated. 67237
Photos attached to a row in a form table are no longer duplicating in the Forms Report, if the form was created on the web. 67643
Default and good answers are now limited to 100 characters when you configure a form, ensuring that they appear correctly on all platforms. 67972
When you generate a process sign off sheet and select the View Forms check box, the attached forms are now in order based on the process. 67539
If a process task requires a completed form, you now cannot sign off on the task without the completed form.
Classic Web
Fixed an issue where drawing calibration is misaligned when you replace the drawing with a new one where the building has moved relative to the page. 67686
Fixed an issue where a selected trade is not added to a package, even though you have selected the check box for the trade in the Trade window. 67566