Mobile - What's New

The following are new or enhanced features in the Field View mobile app in 2017-R4.

Text Annotations on Photos

You can now annotate photos on iOS and Windows devices. You can add text and control the font color, size, opacity, and location on the image. Open a photo on a mobile device and click the Annotate button to add text. This feature is not available on Android.

Assets on iOS and Windows Devices

Assets functionality on iOS or Windows devices is now at parity with Android devices. New functionality in iOS and Windows includes:
  • Select an asset as the answer to an asset question on a form.
  • Add a new asset to a location.
  • Add a sub-asset to an existing asset.
  • Filter assets in the location tree or plan view and save the filter for later use.

Additional Enhancements

  • The interface for the Search by Ref has been updated and improved. You can use this feature to quickly search by the task or form ID and the see location and the task or form details.
  • You can scan an enrollment code to add a new project to the device. Start the scan from the Settings screen on a mobile device. See the Web section of this document for more details on this feature.
  • The sample project database is updated with the latest features, including assets and hyperlinks on forms.